The Amazing Story of Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is one of the most successful pediatric surgeons. The story behind how he became a pediatric surgeon is surprisingly interesting. It started when he visited an oil field in Kuwait with his brother. He did that because his father was working there, as his father was working in the oil and gas industry.


The weather that day was extremely hot, and Dr. Saad fainted. He realized later that he got a heat stroke. He realized that hot weather was not the thing for him, and neither was manual labor or any job working outside in the extreme heat, such as the oil fields. He also realized that there was only one place in Kuwait at that time that had air conditioning, and that was the operating room. Therefore, Dr. Saad made a decision right there and then to become a pediatric surgeon.


There is more to the story. Before his father came to Kuwait, they were living in the holy land. They were forced to relocate during the turmoil at that time. His mother had to leave with nothing but the clothing on her back and some basic possessions. She thought she would have time to come back to her home, but that never happened. His father was not home at the time, so he and his siblings left with their mother. His father had to search far and wide until he finally found his wife and his children.


From this, Dr. Saad Saad says that he learned a very important lesson, and that is that you should never accept anything but the success that you are searching for. You should always strive to be successful and never accept the situation you are in as the one that you are going to have to stay in for the rest of your life. After all, Dr. Saad Saad was a refugee and he nevertheless managed to become one of the most successful pediatric surgeons in the United States.


Dr. Saad Saad says that you should never wait until tomorrow to try to accomplish what you want to accomplish. Always do it today, because if you keep pushing it off until tomorrow, you will never get around to doing it. In fact, Dr. Saad Saad says that living by this rule is what has caused him to be so productive. He never pushes off until tomorrow that which he can accomplish today, so he gets so many things done.


Dr. Saad Saad has come up with a number of important inventions to help out patients, such as a location tracking device for catheter placements so that patients do not have to undergo intrusive scans or x-rays. Learn more:

Todd Lubar Achievement in Real Estate

Todd Lubar is the current president and owner TDL Ventures based out of New Jersey. And the vice president of Legendary Investments. Todd is an entrepreneur and businessman with 20 years of working experience working with industries in entertainment, construction and Mortgage Banking. He holds a bachelor’s degree in speech communication and rhetoric


Todd Lubar Real Estate contribution in Baltimore

Todd lunar is an investor in real estate. His participation in Baltimore real estate is remarkable. He lives in Maryland in Baltimore. Baltimore has a history of hosting young professionals, and as more people settle in the city, there is an increase in house demand. Real Estate agents have made an effort to refurbish old buildings into apartments and condominiums. The transport system is being improved, and business is blooming in Baltimore.

Todd’s experience in real estate at Maryland market is going to be of significant contribution to the growth of real estate in Baltimore. Lubar leads a demolition company that deals with real estate and mortgaging. He Yearns to expand his stay at Baltimore to help the community and real estate.


Todd Lubar’s view on Potomac Real Estate

Todd Lubar has a favorable opinion about Potomac. The city has been growing economically, and people are busy looking for jobs and housing in the city because of its rapid growth. Todd advises people to look at the city’s demographic and economic growth before purchasing any property. If the economy is growing, then the value of the house is likely to increase. Potomac is economically thriving, and more people are moving to the city, it is a perfect place to invest in real estate.

Todd Lubar says there is a competitive real estate opportunity in Potomac. And for you to invest in rental houses you need to be prepared with the financial plan. The bank will not lend you if you do not have a business plan on how you are going to make money over time


You Should Invest in Real Estate Business in Potomac

Todd Lubar says Potomac has excellent potential for real estate business. There is already a Tavilla station development happening on the northern side of Potomac. The city is embracing the idea of real estate positively by building good houses with good models that blend well with the environment. Edens is another real estate developer in Potomac.

Todd says Edens has introduced four more developers in the cabin John Village. The Eden workhouses are built in such a way that the houses bring people together through social gathering

Todd Lubar gives insights on how and where to invest in real estate. His many years in the real estate industry gives him authority to provide professional insight on how you can succeed in real estate investment.



Multi-Level Marketing Meets Reverse-Aging Solutions

Jeunesse stands as a nearly decade-long testament to the power of human ambition. The platform pays its users to sell products from the Youth Enhancement System, which is a completely natural set of optimized products with anti-aging supplements uniquely woven into each of nine product lines. These products can be used by anyone, and while they’re only classified as supplements, the results of proper and consistent usage arguably meet prescription-level benefits. It’s a system that many swear by, but even Jeunesse isn’t perfect.

However, they’re always developing their proprietary formulas, and their persistence has led them to recognition as one of the fastest-changing companies in direct sales. It was originally given its first heartbeat when two experienced enterprisers erupted from retirement with a vision to live out the rest of their days setting right the wrongs that our modern lifestyles have wrought. Jeunesse was formed in 2009 with the ideas of longevity and wellness in mind for their clients, and the management structure has grown around the ethos of promoting human wellness rather than taking handle of the ailments through the supplements themselves.

Remember, after all, what supplements are for: to supplement the human body. This is what the Youth Enhancement System accomplishes through a variety of administrative mediums. Although some users find the variation in administration annoying, those who stick to the routine will find that there’s a very good reason for it: Not every benefit can be had through pills alone. This is why there are also topical creams, gel packs, powder mixes, juice drinks and more. The nine product lines are split among their respective means of supplementation to provide the following benefits:

  1. Energy, Mood and Focus

By promoting sleep at night and productive moods during the day, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

  1. Fitness, Appetite Control and Youthful Exuberance

Gain control of your weight, fitness and general physical ability.

  1. Immunity, Repair and Protection

Your immune system gets a leg-up while your cells are restored and prevented from sustaining damage by free radicals.