Brian Torchin – HCRC Staffing Entrepreneur and Executive

Brian Torchin is an active chiropractor who has started a staffing company called HCRC Staffing. They are a full-service staffing firm that specializes in consulting clients in the healthcare and legal industry. After running his own chiropractic office for many years, he realized how hard it can be to find good staff and prevent turnover, and that is the drive behind HCRC Staffing.

The turn around time for HCRC staffing is approximately 72 hours. They have the necessary tools and expertise to find the right medical staff for your office within a very reasonable time frame. They cater to each specific need that the client is looking for, and work to build a long-term relationship with each client. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

According to Lulu, Brian Torchin has built his business around respect, trust and consistent, positive results. They work to recruit candidates in a wide range of specialties involving all medical offices, urgent care, medical doctors, dentists, billing staff and much more. They also work with many legal offices to bring personnel to attorneys, paralegals, secretaries and many more.

HCRC staffing stands for Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC and is proud to announce that they have expanded to Europe and Asia. They also have offices in Canada and Australia. Torchin has worked hard to develop a company that will help seek medical professionals that are serious about enhancing their career, and taking it to the next level.

The first impression in offices are a huge part of the medical and legal profession as a whole. The tools that he has set in place, along with the expert staff on board, will work to find the best possible employee that fits the position. Brian Torchin knows at first hand what is needed to make a medical office and legal office respond smoothly, and has created a company that will help you find the perfect staff.

Brian Torchin has many years of experience in the medical field. He attended the New York Chiropractic College and went on to obtain his Bachelor’s in Exercise Science. He currently resides in Pennsylvania where he continues to run his practice and his business.


Bruce Levenson, a philanthropist and the director of Tech Target Inc., was born in 1950 in the United States of America. He is currently the owner of Atlanta Spirit and also the president of “I have a dream foundation”, reveals PR Newswire. He previously worked with Washington Star and Observe Publishing. Also, he is the co-founder and partner of the United Communication Group

He is a product of Washington University where he attained a Bachelor of Arts degree and later got an M.D. from the American University.

The case

The case involved a breach of contract between the former Atlanta Hawks Basketball ownership, which comprised of Levenson and Gearon among others. The case was presented in the superior court of Fulton. The plaintiff argued that his insurer failed to compensate him under the policy of coverage for losses resulting from uncertainties like employment issues.

AHBE claims it gave notice to the AIG on 2nd April 2015 on the matter of bereavement by Ferry. According to the plaintiff, this was covered by the insurance agreement. The result is that they terminated the contract through an agreement and hence the relationship ended. On the other hand, the defendant seemed not to act to the plaintiff’s wish due to lack of concrete reasons.

The court ruled out that AHBE’s claim was in order and hence they were supposed to be compensated by the insurance company. It further noticed that there was indeed a breach of contract for failure to pay compensation fee for the incurred loss. Again, the court noted that the AIG had no justification on why they had not enacted the payment.

Staying Stylish With Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

Most people are not sure about how fabletics work. Being a paying member for some time makes it possible to provide a credible review on the subject. Fabletics refers to a fitness apparel company that is owned by Kate Hudson.


It operates on a monthly structure where members pay for a certain amount of money through the monthly subscription to get the products at discounted prices. The advantage of joining this company is that you get curated outfits each month. Sometimes they can be two or three outfits each month. What is more, you can decide to skip every month that you are not interested in anything and you will not be charged for anything.


To join the company you need to take a survey concerning the types of workouts that you do and outfit styles that fit you most. Once this is done then at the start of every month appropriate workout outfits will be selected for you. Most people find style in curated outfits.


Good quality guaranteed


If you are looking for great quality workout outfits for an affordable price then fabletics is the way to go. The quality will surprise you considering that you are not paying much for it anyway. Industry experts to rival other renowned companies in the industry but at a better pricing have approved some of the workout outfits by Kate Hudson. The attires are generally of great quality with designs that are attractive and modern.


Impressive style


Fabletics comes with a variety of styles from simple to sophisticated styles. The colors also range from solid colors to bold patterned colors. This accommodates all people’s preferences. It is possible for anyone to find something that they like. The styles are sometimes unexpected but always a good surprise that make you feel good when working out.


Value for money is guaranteed


Comparing the amount of money you spend to the items you get every month, it is an actual value for your money. Some of the items will probably fetch higher in certain brands. You are likely to get some of the best deals through Fabletics than you would anywhere else.


Easy to use website


Every customer wants a website that makes it easy for him or her to find what he or she are looking for. This is exactly what Fabletics offers. You can always select the colors, sizes and types of outfits you want with ease.


Fabletics is an option that would be easy to go for and actually one to reckon. It is a great deal in terms of style, value and quality.

Tammy Mazzocco Continues Her Leadership

Tammy Mazzocco is a very successful residential real estate broker in Central Ohio. She sells in four counties, Licking, Franklin, Fairfield, and Delaware. She started her real estate career as a secretary in a commercial real estate office. After that, she became a manager of a large condominium project for seven years, and in 1995 her boss convinced her to get her real estate license to assist in some the projects that came up.

In 1998, Tammy went to work for Joe Armani, a top producer in Columbus Ohio as a licensed assistant, and it was working with Joe that Tammy learned how a successful real estate office operated. In 1999, Tammy decided that there was a very good income opportunity for her in real estate, and she went to work full-time with the Judy Gang Team in Pickering Ohio. Judy has been a friend and a mentor to Tammy for a long time.

Tammy took to the real estate business very quickly, and she will tell you that many co-workers and managers have passed along many helpful tips. For example, early in her selling career, Tammy was too shy to ask people about their finances. This is a very important piece to know because if a person has no money, they cannot buy a house.

Somebody suggested to Tammy that she initiate the conversation right off the bat and ask the question about having enough money for a down payment, and it worked like a charm. Tammy has no problems at all now, and there have been many suggestions and tips along the way.

Tammy begins her workdays early and starts with some exercises and stretches along with some meditation. She likes to get to the office early and get the paperwork out of the way as well as some prospecting work on the phone. She likes the trend of people responding on agencies like, and Zillow. These people are interested in buying a home, or they would not have responded. Even with that lead system, Tammy now gets about 80% of her business from satisfied clients and referrals.

When asked by what motivates her, she answers that setting goals is a very important process for her, and she likes to take the goals and break them down on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. When they are broken down into smaller action steps, they are much easier to accomplish than worrying about the whole objective at once.

Hunt’s Investment Systems Help People Prosper

Jim Hunt is an established investment expert who has spent a number of years making money in the stock market. During the course of his career, he has looked for and found ways to consistently make money by investing in the stock market. With his experience, he has been able to analyze stocks and find ones that are likely to be most profitable at He has also developed strategies on how to acquire stocks and then sell them for high profits. Hunt has developed a couple of systems that are very effective in terms of generating high profits through stock market investing on His two main systems are Wealth Wave and Make Mum a Millionaire. Both of these systems are very effective in terms of consistently making money at all times.

Wealth Wave is a system that Jim Hunt has developed on VTA Publications that allows investors to make substantial profits on a regular basis. With this system, an investor will look for stocks that are going down in value and are about to reach their lowest point. As a result, they will be able to purchase these stocks at a very low price and then wait for them to increase in value. Over time, the stocks will go up in value and allow the investor to make a considerable amount of money. Using this system on is one of the best ways to profit in the stock market because it allows you to get stocks at a low cost and then sell them for high profits once they go up in value.

The other system that Jim has developed is Make Mum a Millionaire. While this doesn’t generate profits that are as high as Wealth Wave, it is still a very effective system to use. With Make Mum a Millionaire, you will invest money into an account and let it go up in value through compound interest. Using this system is ideal for those who are looking to save up for their retirement. It can also be very effective for those who are looking to allow an investment to reach a certain amount and then cash in on it. This system along with Wealth Wave are part of a company known as VTA Publications. With VTA Publications, investors can get educational materials that teach them how to invest in the stock market, trade stocks and use effective retirement planning.

Mike Baur is a Switzerland-based Entrepreneur and Businessman

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and businessman based in Switzerland. He founded Swiss Startup Factory and worked as a managing partner there. He has a banking career of twenty years during which he worked in banks like Clariden Leu and UBS. Later, he decided to quit his job and started investing in startup companies. In 2014, he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. At the University of St Gallen, Baur was invited as a member of the jury panel for START Summiteer. CTI and Swiss Startup Factory became partners in 2015, and Baur became the Deputy Managing Director. In 2016, Mike Baur led his company through the accelerator program with the famous Goldback Group. In February 2016, his company partnered with Fintech Fusion. Wall Street Journal honed Baur by profiling his entire career in December 2016.


Mike Baur attended the University of Rochester in New York for Masters in Business Administration. Later, he attended the University of Bern for Executive MBA. Baur has a passion for Swiss youth entrepreneurship. He supports numerous Swiss Startups as both mentor and investor. Today, his company is considered the number one privately financed and independent Startup Accelerator in the country. Mike Baur is a native of Fribourg City in Switzerland, and he is well-connected to his native town. During his teenage life, he found banking and finance to be very interesting. He was lucky to turn his early passion into his profession. He founded Swiss Startup Factory with the mission to provide talented and young entrepreneurs of his country a platform which would offer them a successful professional execution. The company guides new Swiss entrepreneurs through a devoted and modern process that teaches them everything they need.


Mike Baur provides new entrepreneurs with services like co-working spaces, start accelerator, portfolio, and financial & accounting advice. A Startup Accelerator is a three-month program which provides new startups with services like access to investor network, office space, mentoring, coaching, services, and financing. The co-working spaces program offer entrepreneurs with conference rooms, office spaces, and desks at affordable prices. There is everything for the entrepreneurs like lunch room, conference room, Nespresso bar, in-house movie studio, free Wi-Fi, welcome area, storage space, and fitness room. The financial & accounting advice includes financial & progress health reviews, cash flow reports, VAT & tax reporting, financial statements, payroll management, invoice management, and bookkeeping. Swiss Startup Factory successfully launched startups like Struckd, Blinkers, Carhelper, and Beaconsmind.


The Country’s Most Scenic Spots for Wedding Photography

If you are looking for amazing wedding photography in a unique location, then there are some beautiful spots in America that you need to consider.

Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness Study Area

The large pieces of petrified wood at the Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness Study Area makes a great place to get your wedding photos taken. This isolated place also offers huge boulders of different colors so that you can take fun couple shots. The ravine offers a great place to get pictures made among trees.

Montaña Oro State Park

Unique photos can be easily achieved on the rugged cliffs. The coastal plains are the perfect place for romantic vignettes.

The passionate photographers at George Street Photo and Video in Chicago are talented at capturing the best wedding photos regardless of your location. Contact them today.