Igor Cornelsen Success Story

One of the most common keys to prosperity is attributed to hard work and the effort that one puts in work. This is illustrated by several people that have made it to the top in life. One example of an iconic individual that has made it to exemplary levels in his career is Igor Cornelsen.

Igor Cornelsen was born in Curitiba, Brazil. He got a chance to attend engineering school in the year 1965 at the Federal University of Parana. This was the only engineering school at the time, and therefore it was competitive for one to get admission. After studying for two years, he made a life-changing decision by deciding to take on economics at the same school.

After his graduation in the year 1970, he got a job with an investment bank. This was common for many of the engineers at that time due to their ability to compute compounding interest rates. At this time computers and calculators were not conventional in the industry.

Due to his hard work and success, Igor made a name for himself, and this landed him in better opportunities. He got an opportunity to work in Rio as an investment banker.

However, he did not stop at this. He went on and became the best in his class. This gave him better chances, and within two years he was made the CEO of Multibanco.

The Bank of America, later on, acquired Multibanco. This made him leave and pursue other opportunities. He landed another job at the Unibanco. This was one of the best firms in the investment sector in Brazil. He worked until 1985 when inflation was creeping in and left for Libra Bank PLC (London Merchant Bank). This was a turning point in his career. In his working years, he became hugely successful that led him to form his investment firm.