Rodrigo Terpins, a Towering Giant in Brazilian Motorsport Industry

Born into a sports-loving family, Rodrigo Terpins has had what many prospective sportsmen will wish to achieve in the sports world. Rodrigo Terpins’ father, Jack Terpins, must have opened the road to sports for his family as he is an accomplished former basketball player who now doubles up as the President of the Maccabi Latin America Confederation and the Latin American Jewish Council. Rodrigo Terpins is also a brother to Michel Terpins, another hugely popular successful rally driver.

Whether it is just the will to succeed in a sport that pushes a rally driver to achieve or the thrill that comes with speed as the adrenaline pump hits full gear, Rodrigo Terpins has most likely combined the two to lead a hugely successful career in the Brazilian motorsport industry. Today, his name is not only a household name in Brazil but also associated with fond memories of great racing capability in many challenging races. With his brother as a teammate in the Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team, Rodrigo has pushed the limits of talent to the maximum stretching point. Racing onboard the T-Rex a MEM Motorsport Organization prototype developed explicitly for the team, Rodrigo Terpins has not shied off from success over the last four seasons he has competed.

In the latest competition, Rodrigo and his brother successfully participated in a challenging race in which they covered more than two thousand six hundred kilometers across two states and more than seven cities. Of the thirty-eight participating team and hundreds of drivers in the race, Rodrigo finished up third, and his team ranked 8th overall in an impressive display of skill, passion, and talent.

Off the racing track, Rodrigo Terpins is a Saint Hilaire management graduate who now serves as a director of T5 Partipacoes where he has overseen astronomic growth for the company by organizing for various high profile competitions in the Brazilian motorsport industry. He previously served as the President of Lojas Marisa. Despite this executive responsibilities, Rodrigo has continued to display his prowess in the track and attracting a huge following of fans who avail themselves in all races that he takes part in.

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