Wild Ark in Kilimanjaro

Looking for adventure? The scenic route in Africa is your best bet. From the large expanse of desert land to the massive peak of Mount Kilimanjaro you’ll find your appetite for adventure sufficiently satiated. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro has been compared to walking the distance from the Equator to the North Pole. The climate has dramatic changes. The difference in vegetation is stark and instantly obvious. You’ll go from witnessing lush scenery in the forest to a harsh arctic desert at the extreme of the mountain’s peak. Many have attempted the miraculous feat of summitting Mount Kilimanjaro, few have succeeded, thousands have died. It’s truly the journey of a lifetime.

When attempting to make this climb in the beautiful forest reserve, you must remember to pack efficiently. Bring food and water. Bring emergency flares. Bring baby wipes – you won’t be taking a shower while you’re up there. The days can be tough. The nights will be harsh. You’ll want to dress in insulated layers. As you climb higher, the air will become thinner; it will become difficult to breathe. The key to success lies in your pace. If you try to climb too fast, you’ll expend all your energy and you will die. If you climb too slow, inertia will set in and the cold will eat you alive. Your local guide will be with you on this perilous journey and help you maintain an even pace during the climb. It is truly exhilarating. Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUo4EHg7ZWNPFEg3tjytCSg

Once you descend the mountain, you’ll have time to take in Tanzania’s local atmosphere. The Big 5 draw a massive crowd every year. The forests are lush and expansive. The peace you can find resting beneath the canopy is unrivaled by anything else.

Wild Ark is proud to present the possibility of conservation efforts in Tanzania and around the world. Wild Ark was founded with the mission of educating the masses about the need for conservation of wildlife. Our planet is our home and if we want to continue to enjoy these lush scenes and amazing peaks we need to protect it. The team works day and night to make a difference in the world, and their efforts are truly amazing.