Rocketship Education: Helping Children from All Backgrounds

Sometimes doing things the way that they have always been done can be quite detrimental to society. It is the way of human nature to learn new things and alter behavior accordingly. For some parents, they have learned that the public school system is not the best place for their children. They have adjusted their behavior and move their children into private schools are charter schools that will better deal with their needs. When these students are of lower socioeconomic status it can be more difficult for their parents to place them in a better learning institution. This is when places like Rocketship Education come into play.

Founded in 2006, Rocketship Education is dedicated to helping every child no matter what their financial background may be. This institution is designed to offer the superb charter school experience for children of lower economic means. The institution has been receiving glowing results thus far and parents are lined up out of the door to get their children into classes there. In fact, there is a waiting list for parents who want to enroll their children in the San Jose, California based institution.

With such a good education model for such an underprivileged portion of the population, it would seem that many people would have little problems with how Rocketship Education operates. Unfortunately, a recent article featured on NPR seems to disagree with much of the way that they do things. In addition to unfounded disciplinary accusations, the article also talks about unethical retesting policies. Parents of children attending the institution have called this article unresearched and unfounded in a response article featured on the Washington Monthly. It seems that the real problem here is that the author is more interested in fueling their own agenda than they are educating the public about the institution itself. The charter school system can be a very healthy alternative for children who are not able to flourish in the public school system. Rocketship education abides by all foundational rules set by both public and charter school systems when it comes to their disciplinary behavior and retesting policies. It is the hope that people will become more aware of the way that the school functions before making their final judgment.