Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin Compensated for Wrongful Arrest

Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey can now smile after justice was served to them. The two gentlemen have been in court since October 2007 after they were arrested in Maricopa County, Arizona. The two were arrested under the instructions of Sheriff Joe Arpaio without probable cause or arrest warrant. Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey are known for their involvement with Village Voice Media where they are executives. On 18th November 2007, they were handcuffed and hurdled in black unmarked SUVs that had tinted windows. They were taken to separate jail cells that were under the management of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Back then, Joe Arpaio used to consider himself as the toughest sheriff in the United States. They were apparently arrested for printing grand jury proceedings at the Phoenix New Times. This is a newspaper that is owned by the two gentlemen. While other newspapers in the region reported that Joe Arpaio was a clean person, the Phoenix New Times portrayed him as a dirty person who was involved in rampant mismanagement and financial irregularities.


Joe Arpaio had been reported as a person who abused power while in office by mistreating jail inmates, and some even died in the process. As for the immigrants, the sheriff mistreated them and ensured that racial profiling prevailed. Under his watch, children were molested, and women raped. Unconstitutional detention of Latinos also became the norm of the day. The two later revealed that they had been arrested for writing a story about subpoenas that had been issued by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office that asked for IP addresses of readers as well as their browsing history. While in prison, the two gentlemen were asked why they had been arrested by their fellow inmates, and they were quick to say that they were arrested for writing.


Several years later, the two gentlemen would have the last laugh as the high court ruled that they should be compensated for $3.7 million for their trouble. Upon receiving the money, the three gentlemen said that they would use the money with the Frontera Fund. This is a charitable organization that is based in Arizona and deals with the rights of the Hispanic community. The two say that they grew up in the region and they feel obligated to give back to the society. Jim Larkin says that he does not see anyone who is more deserving to receive the money that the Hispanic community.