Charlamagne, Tha God, Share His Views On Eminem’s New Album “Kamikaze”


Charlemagne Tha God, presenter of the radio show The Breakfast Club recently got dissed on Eminem’s new album Kamikaze. He thought it was great to eternally live through records produced by the Rap God himself.


Charlamagne Tha God feels proud to have reached a level in his career where he is mentioned in rap song irrespective of whether it is something good or bad they say. He took it sportingly by saying that getting dissed by the best rapper in two decades, Eminem, made his life better.


In his recent interview, Charlamagne talked about Eminem’s rap bashing President Trump and throwing of rants and slurs about Tyler, the Creator. He said Eminem is not affected by offending the LGBT community. Eminem’s use of offensive words against Tyler is also against the millions of members of the LGBT community across the globe. Charlamagne, not being a member of the community understands how the members of the LGBT community might take offense listening to it.


Though Charlemagne is neutral regarding Eminem’s take on Tyler, he supported Eminem using his privileges of being white against President Trump. He thinks white people utilizing their privileges is an effective way to combat prejudice. He says the message Eminem tried to convey cannot be discredited. His songs depict the situation of the people across the globe and in the United States. Charlamagne’s thoughts on Eminem’s rant on President Trump were that it was more organic in this album compared to last year’s. Visit This Page for additional information.


Despite being dissed at, the American radio show presenter thinks Eminem’s new album Kamikaze was far better than his last album Revival. He believes Eminem understood that he needed to come back with something stronger than Revival, and he knew exactly what to do.


He talks about Eminem being a living legend and one of the best lyricists in the rap industry. He is an icon for the people who love rap music. Though Charlamagne Tha God cannot relate to Eminem’s views and experiences most of the times, he is sure about his position being solid and cannot be shaken by any other rapper in the near future.


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