Drew Madden: Company Mergers and Online Records Systems

With virtually all business being conducted online today, vast amounts of personal information are now more vulnerable than ever. Because of this, healthcare companies and facilities are scrambling to have electronic systems in place that are safe and secure. This is even more important now, since news has broken that CVS and Aetna will be merging, and Amazon is preparing to sell prescription drugs online by purchasing pharmaceutical licenses across the United States. With these and other mergers keeping the healthcare world in a constant upheaval, IT expert Drew Madden has many tasks ahead of him.

As the former President of Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew Madden regularly put his industrial engineering skills to good use. A specialist in designing electronic medical records systems, Drew Madden took a company that barely had enough money and employees to manage daily and reached the top of the healthcare IT industry. Over the course of several years, Drew Madden took NCP from 10 employees to nearly 750, increased annual revenues from $1 million to $130 million, and grew the company’s client list from a mere three to over 150.

After these many accomplishments, Drew decided he wanted to expand his role in helping healthcare companies and facilities with various IT issues. As a result, he left NCP and co-founded Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Also a healthcare IT company, EHP let Drew not only use his exceptional IT technical skills, but also his business and interpersonal skills to help clients make sense of many complex issues. Of all these, perhaps the most important has been how to merge electronic medical records systems with existing databases and other software to create a safer and more efficient online system.

Continuing the work he originally started with NCP, Drew Madden has helped companies across the country and world make their online records systems more secure and accurate. In doing so, he hopes to help them be better prepared for the many upcoming changes the healthcare world faces in the years to come. From corporate mergers to even larger amounts of data, Drew Madden is ready for the next challenge.