Madison Street Capital Is Recognized For Its Versatility At The M&A Advisor Awards

Madison Street Capital has advised companies in various industries including companies who are interested in mergers and acquisitions and who produce products and services that fall within the realms of information technology and cybersecurity. The company has also lended its expertise to clients who work in the media industry, the telecommunications industry, the agricultural industry, the banking industry, defense industry, the real estate sector and the healthcare sector. The wide array of clientele that Madison Street Capital has served demonstrates the company’s commitment to becoming a student of the distinct needs that a company has regardless of the industry that it is based in. It also illustrates Madison Street Capital’s desire to learn how a company’s position in the marketplace impacts the kinds of services that the company requires from Madison Street Capital’s team and to develop a plan to enable that company to meet the business objectives that it is interested in achieving.


Madison Street Capital has developed a strong reputation as one of the leading boutique investment firms that specializes in leading companies as they embark on the incredibly complex process of completing a merger and acquisition with another firm. Mergers and acquisitions can present unique challenges to the companies who are interested in developing this sort of partnership because there are so many moving parts in the process.


The basis of a successful merger and acquisition often involves being able to secure an advisor who can help a company who is seeking to be acquired or a company who is interested in acquiring another firm. Experienced advisors such as Madison Street Capital have the ability to vet potential partnerships and to determine whether the players who are interested in seeking out a merger or an acquisition are a good fit.


In addition to having a reputation as a sought after mergers and acquisitions advisor Madison Street Capital has also developed the capacity to deliver a suite of services that speak to the needs that corporations have in a global marketplace including the ability to lead debt financing deals. In 2017 Madison Street Capital received recognition for its work in debt financing from one of the industry’s leading professional organizations The M&A Advisor. Madison Street Capital was awarded the 2017 award for Debt Financing Deal of the Year by the organization. The award marks the most recent accolade of many that Madison Street Capital has received from The M&A Advisor Awards over the years. In addition to receiving a nomination for its work in debt financing in 2017 Madison Street Capital was also nominated for accolades that related to the category of firm it falls under and its work in financials deals.


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