Paul Herdsman Tips On Building A Successful Company


To many entrepreneurs, the initial stages of setting up a company are the most challenging. For a business to succeed, one must have some expertise (concerning the niche), resilience and must be willing to work consistently towards the goals. NICE Global is a perfect example of a company formed from basics to a big and a successful company.


With four years in operation, Paul Herdsman has learnt almost everything about the art of running a business while managing the company. Paul Herdsman admits that most of what he now practices is an in-job learning. The company now has been the solution provider for many companies. With diversification, the company now offers all services aimed at increasing revenues, improving efficiency and helping these companies get the best human resource.


Paul Herdsman shares secrets of running such an efficient and successful company. As a founder of NICE Global, Paul Herdsman is a believer in a unified philosophy. A company philosophy gives it a culture. According to Paul Herdsman, this is what helps the organization harmonize individual aspirations to company’s vision.


Apart from fostering a working philosophy, Paul Herdsman is a strong believer in empowerment. He advises companies to invest in the human resource the same way a company invests on a technology. With consistent training, the company gets improved productivity. When there is verifiable improved productivity, he advises the companies to reward employees.


Proper orientation and hiring selectively are part of a successful company. Paul Herdsman believes that for a company to be exceptionally good in business there should be no compromise on hiring and the hired personnel should be well oriented. Click Here for more information.


For any company to make a business sense and compete with others, Paul Herdsman recommends the company to be client-oriented. Prioritizing the clients’ needs helps in retaining them. This creates a bond between them and the company.


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