Sussex Healthcare welcomes a new CEO

Recently, Sussex Healthcare announced the official appointment of its new Chief Executive Officer. The newly appointed CEO is Amanda Morgan-Taylor. The executive is expected to be acquainted with the formalities and the traditions of the company before taking over the office. Among her first duties that the CEO undertook was to collaborate with other firm’s senior leaders to come up with a new Director of Quality, Service Improvement and Compliance. Amanda Morgan-Taylor brings extensive experience that she earned in her over 30 years of service in both the public and private sectors in the health and social care industry. Morgan became a mental health nurse in the year 1984, and she has been a crucial leader in the sector.

Morgan has served in different facilities while occupying various positions such as that of a Quality Development Director, Service Manager, and Managing Director. Ms. Morgan Taylor looks forward to spearheading the coordination of various personnel at Sussex Healthcare beginning from her office going down all the way to the junior staff members. She has what is required to help Sussex achieve its goals. Morgan is set to focus on ensuring that the company keeps its eyes on its mission while trailing success. Amanda has shown that she is equal to the task depending on the significant achievements that she attained for the short time she has been in the office as the Chief Executive Officer. Some of her accomplishments include unity of purpose, quality improvement, and rise in productivity.

Indeed, the appointment of Ms. Amanda was one the best moves that Sussex Healthcare has ever taken since its establishment. The company is committed to attaining many achievements this year and in the future thanks to the experience that Amanda has brought in. Ms. Amanda Morgan will visit all the homes and services of the firm. She is interested in interacting with residents, families, and even other partners.Sussex Healthcare services and manages 20 homes which are equipped to offer services to its clients. The firm focuses on helping individuals who have dementia, neurological illnesses, and other physical and mental disorders. The company has experienced experts who provide various care services to the patients.