Tammy Mazzocco Continues Her Leadership

Tammy Mazzocco is a very successful residential real estate broker in Central Ohio. She sells in four counties, Licking, Franklin, Fairfield, and Delaware. She started her real estate career as a secretary in a commercial real estate office. After that, she became a manager of a large condominium project for seven years, and in 1995 her boss convinced her to get her real estate license to assist in some the projects that came up.

In 1998, Tammy went to work for Joe Armani, a top producer in Columbus Ohio as a licensed assistant, and it was working with Joe that Tammy learned how a successful real estate office operated. In 1999, Tammy decided that there was a very good income opportunity for her in real estate, and she went to work full-time with the Judy Gang Team in Pickering Ohio. Judy has been a friend and a mentor to Tammy for a long time.

Tammy took to the real estate business very quickly, and she will tell you that many co-workers and managers have passed along many helpful tips. For example, early in her selling career, Tammy was too shy to ask people about their finances. This is a very important piece to know because if a person has no money, they cannot buy a house.

Somebody suggested to Tammy that she initiate the conversation right off the bat and ask the question about having enough money for a down payment, and it worked like a charm. Tammy has no problems at all now, and there have been many suggestions and tips along the way.

Tammy begins her workdays early and starts with some exercises and stretches along with some meditation. She likes to get to the office early and get the paperwork out of the way as well as some prospecting work on the phone. She likes the trend of people responding on agencies like Trulia.com, Realtor.com and Zillow. These people are interested in buying a home, or they would not have responded. Even with that lead system, Tammy now gets about 80% of her business from satisfied clients and referrals.

When asked by ideamensch.com what motivates her, she answers that setting goals is a very important process for her, and she likes to take the goals and break them down on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. When they are broken down into smaller action steps, they are much easier to accomplish than worrying about the whole objective at once.


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